Haunted Doll Wanders Through House And Attacks Family While Sleeping (VIDEO)

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Dolls are creepy things. That is undeniable. Making matters worse is the fact that Hollywood has made many (too many?) movies about possessed dolls. In Child’s Play, serial killer Charles Lee Ray puts his soul into the body of the ginger-haired doll Chucky. In Annabelle, the murderous Disciples of the Ram place a demon inside of the film’s titular doll.

According to one terrified family in Peru, possessed dolls are not just in the movies.

The Nunez family of El Callao claims that one of their dolls comes alive at night and attacks the children while they are sleeping. Amazingly, the doll has been haunting the home for seven years.

After receiving the blond-and-blue-eyed doll from a relative, the Nunez family began hearing strange knocking sounds at night. One of the Nunez children also claims that they once received bruises and wounds from a pair of unseen hands.

The “Peruvian Annabelle” is apparently very active at night. The family claims that she moves around and sometimes prays to herself.

In desperation, the Nunez family enlisted the help of Soralla de los Angeles, a self-proclaimed “angel expert.”

However, the house cleansing did not work and the doll continues to haunt the Nunez family. The “angel expert” did assert that the doll may be possessed by a sister-in-law who committed suicide.

Besides all of this testimony, the Nunez family has not provided any tangible evidence that this haunting is indeed real.

Featured image via: Coast to Coast AM

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