A Hidden Message Reveals The Name Of Logic’s Final Album!!

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Logic’s second studio album, The Incredible True Story, follows fictional characters Quentin Thomas and William Kai as they adjourn to Paradise, a literal planet capsulizing the fulfillment of humanity’s environment. While they fly, they listen to The Incredible True Story, making comments on society as a whole in the process. The concept of Everybody (released May 5th) is quite different—our protagonist Atom dies is a car crash and discovers the meaning of life (spoiler alert: treating everyone as equals) after a long conversation with God. However, the final track “AfricAryaN” has many hidden gems. One of these gems is the return of Thomas and Kai.

The short skit depicts the two almost to Paradise. They make a comment on Everybody, implying that they have been listening to Logic’s third installment as well following the second. Finally, Thomas says that he’s queuing up the fourth album now. “His final one.” This was the official revelation that Logic’s fourth studio album would be the end of the story completely.

But it gets weirder.

When the physical album is purchased, it comes with a 44-page booklet. One of these pages, is a letter:

“I want to thank you the listener, for truly believing deeply in the message and understanding how insanely honest and real I’ve been with my fans. To every singly last of you reading this message, please know this album’s subject matter isn’t something I’ve kept hidden, however it is a message I haven’t incorporated on one before, and my goal that I’ve set next is to create a happy celebrating farewell album that I sincerely hope will help others to enjoy life and just be themselves. I now know that god has called me here in these ultra insane times of today, not to make 85 million albums about nothing and coast through this life with regret as it tears deeply at the will I once had as I try to be someone society sees as the perfect citizen living by the books. In conclusion, I am here saying to anyone out there listening know and understand: this right here is your saga, this is your life! So live it according to what will make you happy. You only get one chance and life I way too short to focus on the acceptance of others. Do what you love, and try to share that with someone you love.”

Fans on reddit have discovered that if you read every 8th and 5th word, a message is deciphered:

“For the real fans reading this hidden message my next album will be called Ultra 85, and it will be the conclusion to his saga.”

Once this news spread, many easter eggs have been pointed out on the Everybody album booklet and cover.

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

Logic, you clever bastard. You have left the world in anticipation.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons under the CC 3.0 generic license

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