This Guy Puts Everyone’s Selfie Drone To Shame

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Do you remember the DIY 360 Camera that made headlines last year? Yeah, the one where this guy tied his smartphone on a string and swung it around?

Well, this guy is back and he has another trick under his sleeves. Nicolas Vuignier is back with what he calls the poor man’s selfie drone. He calls it that because, well, you don’t need a battery and a remote for it to work, you just need to throw it.

Yes, that’s right. He throws his GoPro to the air and comes up with amazing shots, take a look at the video below.

To the GoPro’s defense, Nicolas is not just throwing it up the air with the hopes of getting a good shot. A Redditor took a freeze frame from his video that shows that the GoPro is rigged into what looks like a makeshift drone, maybe to slow its drop when it’s tossed.

Source: Twisted Sifter

Image is a screengrab from YouTube