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Conrad Hilton In Court After Embarrassing Anti-LGBTQ Tirade (VIDEO)

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Younger brother of Paris Hilton and part of the famous Hilton (hotel) family has lived a very strange week. In an arrest where he unleashed on police in quite an astonishing way, he has also appeared in court and has been asked to agree to hospitalization.

Hilton was dramatically arrested on the 8th May for stealing a car and violating a restraining order. TMZ released footage of his outrageous reaction. In the video he can be heard screaming obscenities at the police including this:

…You f%$ing faggot you touched my d%#k!

Later he yells:

I’m sick of these raids!

On top of multiple claims that the police were sexually harassing him, he then added the line:

I’m Conrad motherfucking Hilton! Don’t you forget it.

It is as if he believes that his name entitles he is to be treated differently somehow.

Obviously his strange behavior suggests he is going through some kind of psychological meltdown as his screaming becomes more and more hysterical.

He has since appeared in court and when his combative behavior on arrest is mentioned in court he calls out:

I was assaulted! Objection!

Hilton is then told to be quiet in court and he quickly apologizes, but then shakes his head scornfully at the remarks.

In other footage he can be seen mouthing the words “f%$k you” to someone and then looks directly into the camera and winks.

His sister Paris Hilton has also had her brushes with the law and has also spent time in jail. Being rich, famous, and good looking in the case of this family, does not mean living an untroubled life.

Conrad Hilton (the youngest of the family) will be released on bail into the care of his father, who has in turn agreed to have him check into hospital for treatment.

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Watch Hilton in court:

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