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Pacific Tribe Who Worship Prince Philip DEVASTATED By His Retirement (VIDEO)

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People from a tribe on Tanna Island, Vanuatu have been devastated to learn of the retirement of Prince Philip (the Queen of England’s husband) for the most peculiar reason. The tribe happen to worship him. It seems they believe he is an ancestral spirit who came out of a volcano on their island and he is their hope for ridding their tribe of sickness and sorrow. Their story says he travelled overseas to marry the queen. They celebrate his birthday and exchange gifts and photos with the Prince.

In a video below the strange thinking is shown to include a belief that the Prince proved that he is from Tanna by having his photo taken while holding a carved stick he was sent by the tribe. For them this is proof that he is from their island and not from England or Greece. The Royal couple did visit the island in 1974, which some think may have ignited the tribe’s beliefs.

The reason the tribe is so upset by his recent retirement is that part of their belief and prophecy is that he would one day return to the island. They believe that in England he is an old man, but on the island he would be immortal. There have been members of the tribe who have travelled to Windsor Castle to meet the Prince as well, as part of a Reality Show.

It must be quite the ego boost for Prince Philip to be worshipped as some kind of deity.

The disappointment of his retirement has hit the tribe hard.

According to Reuters, village chief Jack Malia said:

If he comes one day the people will not be poor, there will be no sickness, no debt and the garden will be growing very well, Prince Philip has said one day he will come and visit us. We still believe that he will come but if he doesn’t come, the pictures that I am holding … it means nothing.

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