Texas Attempts To Only Allow The Straight And Holy To Adopt In Their State

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Non-Christian or LGBT parents could soon be rejected in Texas when trying to adopt children. This proposed bill would allow faith-based agencies or state-funded agencies with faith-based objections to people who are Jewish, LGBT, single, an interfaith couple, Muslim or anything else they don’t like.

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Catherine Oakley, senior legislative counsel for the Human Rights Campaign, said:

“This would allow adoption agencies to turn away qualified, loving parents who are perhaps perfect in every way because the agency has a difference in religious belief. This goes against the best interest of the child…As a governmental entity, Texas is bound to treat people equally under the law. This is a violation of equal protection under the law.”

Five other states have passed similar laws protecting faith-based agencies who object to someone who is LGBT and/or non-Christian adopting children. Just this week, Alabama signed a similar law that would shield adoption agencies that discriminate from any state repercussions. Republican Alabama Governor Kay Ivey said this about the bill she signed:

“I ultimately signed House Bill 24 because it ensures hundreds of children can continue to find ‘forever homes’ through religiously affiliated adoption agencies. This bill is not about discrimination, but instead, protects the ability of religious agencies to place vulnerable children in a permanent home.”

This is ridiculous and it is purely government-sponsored discrimination.

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