This Pipeline Construction In Belgium Is NOT What You Think

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You’d be surprised at what extent people are willing to go to just to get what they want. Now if the people wants beer, and you have a restaurant that offers that, then why not give it to them, right?

This is exactly what Xavier Vanneste, owner of Halve De Maan Brewery in Belguim. In a few weeks from now, a two-mile long beer pipeline will make bottling easier as well as ease up traffic congestion in the area.

Source: Daily Mail UK

Before, shuttling the beer from the bottling plant to the next to the city road to the brewery in central Bruges took hundreds of lorry each year. Imagine the time spent on the transportation itself, not to mention the traffic and congestion it creates.

So they thought of creating a pipeline underground that would help ease us the problem and help him with his brewery as well.

“It all started as a joke.”

The whole thing started as a joke last 2010. Venneste told Wall Street Journal:

“Nobody believed it was going to work.”

It was a joke, yes, but it is something he did consider. Upon further consideration, he thought it may be a good idea.

Source: Daily Mail UK

In 2012, he did a crowdfunding style, taking advantage of the people’s love for beer. He offered investors and backers different levels of rewards depending on how much money they invested in the project.

In a short time after announcing, he was able to raise €300,000 from beer lovers from home and abroad. After two years, he reached roughly €4million.

The beer-soaked incentives to the investors are as follows:

Gold Membership – €7,500 – Backer will receive a 325 ml bottle of De Halve Maan’s Brugse Zot beer with personalized glasses every day for their entire life.

Silver Membership – €800 – Backer will get a 24-bottle crate of Brugse Zot beer once a year for their whole life.

Bronze Membership – €220 – Backer will get a bottle of beer once a year, for life.

Wow! This is heaven for every beer lover!

Image via Pixabay.

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