Mystery Barber Kidnaps And Shaves P*ssies In Virginia

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A Police Service in Virginia is at a loss to know why someone in Waynesboro is kidnapping pet cats and then returning them to their owners with smooth, hairless underbellies and groins. The city of 21,000, about 140 miles (225 km) southwest of Washington, D.C., has been subject to this strange spate of crimes which appear to have no motive and no purpose.

Seven cats have temporarily disappeared since December only to return home with an undercarriage cropped so short there was barely a hint of hair left. All around the cat’s tummy, their groin and leg areas are shaved but in each case, the rest of each cats body is untouched, and apart from seeming understandably nervous upon their return, they are totally unharmed.

Five cats from one household and two from another have been singled out, with some of them being kidnapped and shaved more than once. Each feline victim had already been either spayed or neutered before they were assaulted and everyone is baffled.

Waynesboro Police Captain Kelly Walker said none of the cats concerned were stray or feral animals and that they are all well cared for family pets who wore collars identifying their name and address.

Walker said in a statement:

“The shaving appears to be almost surgical.”

Before going on to say “Probably the best solution is for whoever is doing this to just stop.”

The incidents came to the attention of the police when one of the cats’ owners approached them to ask if it was allowable to post flyers around the neighborhood asking the public for help in identifying the catnapper.

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