Scarlett Johansson Invited This Drunk-As-A-Skunk Grandma Just Because She Looked Like Her

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We heard it all before. Celebrity look-alikes are something we see every day. Nothing new, next, turn the page, pass. Most often than not, these tactics are planned and engineered to help the look-alike land a job or something. You never know, right?

If that’s the case, then what does this story have that makes it unique? Well, for one, the look-alike in our story does not involve a wannabe-starlet. Believe it or not, the look-alike in question is a 72-year old grandma by the name of Geraldine.

A Reddit user named denverjoel posted a photo of his grandma when she was younger and the resemblance is undeniable.

See for yourself:

Source: Imgur

Remarkable, isn’t it? The caption did say that Geraldine was drunk as a skunk in the photo, but who cares? What’s more is that it isn’t even the juiciest part of this story.

Apparently,  a lot of people made it sure that the photo reaches Scarlett herself. And she had the best reply.

Oh grandma, you have to say yes!


Image is a screengrab from Vimeo.

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