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Ridley Scott Warns About The Reality Of Aliens (VIDEO)

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Ridley Scott has a new Alien film that he is currently promoting, but he also has a stark warning about the prospect of meeting real aliens. Scott does not believe the coming together of intergalactic creatures would have a happy ending. In a recent interview with AFP, the famous director warned about a possible alien meeting:

If you are stupid enough to challenge them you will be taken out in three seconds.

Scott believes we should not expect a peaceful coming together and claims that if creatures were able to develop the technology to get here, they would be ‘superior’ and most likely hostile. The famous director said that experts estimate ‘between 100 and 200 entities’ in the universe, that could have life similar to ours. What should we do in the event of aliens coming here? Scott’s best advice is:

…Run for it.

Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer for SETI Institute has cast doubt on Scott’s estimates of how many entities is greatly less than how many there actually could be. Shostak says there are a trillion planets in our galaxy alone and two trillion more galaxies. If each of those galaxies has a trillion planets each, well you do the math. But the likelihood of more than just 200 planets having life similar to ours, is high according to Shostak. While he may disagree with Scott on numbers, he agrees that aliens who could make it here would indeed be superior and that Scott’s advice to run may be good advice.

Ridley Scott is not the only film maker who has imagined and fictionalised the meeting of humans and aliens. From E.T. to Cocoon to Mars Attacks to Avatar to Star Wars to Independence Day. Hollywood is obsessed with outer space and has portrayed possible visitors in both positive and negative lights.

One would hope that we could get along with creatures from other planets, one positive step could be, if we were all able get along with each other here on Earth.


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