Get Ready For The First Structure To Ever Reach The 1-Kilometer High Mark

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Burj Khalifa, the tallest and most iconic building in Dubai will soon be the second to the new tallest skyscraper that is scheduled to finish by 2020.

Source: Architizer

You will notice that in the infographic above, the said skyscraper is called Kingdom Tower, it was called that and Mile-High Tower before it was finally settled as the Jeddah Tower.

The American architect who designed the Burj Khalifa, Adrian Smith, is the same one who designed the Jeddah Tower. In the initial plans, it was supposed to be 1.6 km or 1 mile high, thus the name Mile-High Tower. It turned out, though that the geology of the area proved to be unsuitable for a building that high.

Aside from being the first structure in the whole world that will reach the one-kilometer mark, here are some facts about the soon to be tallest skyscraper in the world:


It will have a 98-foot diameter balcony that was originally planned to be a helipad.

Source: Architizer


The Jeddah Tower will have 59 elevators, 5 among those will be double-deckers. However, all the elevators will not reach the speed of normal elevators. The change in air pressure because of the height of the building will prove to be difficult for people to adapt to, it will cause nausea and such.

Three Petals

The concept used for the structure is “three petals” it allows the structure to steady itself even at such height. The extrusions from the “petals” pull onto each other, thus strengthening the balance of the structure as it goes higher.

Source: Architizer


The structure will have 80,000 tons of steel when finished, along with concrete in the core that will be several meters thick.

Source: Architizer


Image via Architizer.