Taylor Swift Goes AWOL And People Are Worried (VIDEO)

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What happens when a pop star goes missing? Taylor Swift last tweeted on 29th January 2017. She was last papped on 11th January 2017 while visiting her favorite gym for a workout. She last performed at the Superbowl in February 2017. Other than that she has basically gone ‘missing,’ well at least so it seems.

This strange and sudden disappearance from the spotlight has many people both worried and wondering about Swift’s where abouts.

Good friend Ed Sheeran was seen visiting her in March. Sheeran is a good friend to Swift and has said she is likely to release an album by Christmas. This has made this one theory about her disappearance the most popular one – and that is she might simply just be at home totally consumed in writing a new album.

Another darker theory is that Swift going underground might have something to do with a stalker Mohammed Jaffar, who was found around her apartment four times within two months. He has been ordered to keep away.

As someone who rarely missed a red carpet opportunity in the past, her absence from the MET gala was noted by many including by this Twitter user:

The question is getting to a lot of people. Especially since Swift is usually so active on social media. She has gone quiet and it has many puzzled. This poor Twitter user can’t even seem to concentrate on anything else:

Swift going missing has this Twitter user going all maternal:

Another Twitter user is a tad more cynical about ‘missing’ Taylor, believing this may all just be part of an elaborate marketing campaign, to spark curiosity about her whereabouts. It could be a way of creating more anticipation of an upcoming album:

There is an awful lot of speculation going on, whatever the case. The major theory that is she is writing and recording her new material is supported by ET online who claims a source says she is indeed in Nashville laying out some tracks.

Some fans are finding it all too much:

Whatever the case the idea that Taylor Swift has gone missing is now a ‘viral’ thing and the questions online just keep coming.

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