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AWKWARD! Uber Driver Picks Up Sex Worker That He Mistakes For His Passenger (VIDEO)

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An Australian Uber driver made quite a mistake on a recent shift. The man had obviously been booked to picked up a customer called Chelsea and the dashcam footage showcases the hilarious case of mistaken identity by capturing audio of the whole thing.

It begins simply enough. The driver assumes he is picking up his fare “Chelsea” – he greets her, calling her Chelsea and she does not correct him. After a few greetings the woman asks the driver:

Looking for a good time?

He mishears and interprets this as her asking “Are you having a good time?” and he replies:

 Having a good time, definitely.

The conversation is one of total misunderstanding for a while. The friendly driver then asks the woman”

What are you up to today?


She replies:

Just working.

He says:

Yeah working. Ah that’s nice.

She adds:

Trying to earn some money.

To which he says:

That’s the way. Finished for the day?

She answers:

No no still working.

He then asks:

…What do you do?

With honesty she answers:

Um just some sex work.

The penny finally drops, but he still seems to think she is his fare, he continues to make friendly conversation:

aaah cool – nice! Busy day?

She then asks him directly:

Want to have sex?

He laughs and answers:

My girlfriend wouldn’t like that so much.

She then asks him straight:

What are you doing then?

He is still trying to clarify:

What do you mean?

She asks:

If you have a girlfriend?

Still confused he asks her:

How do you mean?

She tries another way of asking:

Would you want a girlfriend?

He answers:

No I’ve got a girlfriend. Yeah sorry no. I’ve already got a girlfriend.

She tries again:

Do you wanna do a job with me?

He replies with:

No I’m all good thanks honey!

The woman then asks him:

Well what you gonna do? You got any money? You got $10?

They are clearly wasting each other’s time.

I haven’t honey, sorry.

The woman finally says:

I gotta go make some money.


She then gets out of the car. Next the Uber driver’s phone rings, he answers and guess who it is?

The REAL Chelsea. Finally he gets it!

The moral is:

Never Assume – it only makes an ASS out of U and ME.


Uber picks up sex worker
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