Florida Criminal Tries To Hide Drug Stash In The Most Ingenious Way Possible (VIDEO)

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30-year-old Omar Palencia, a resident of Davenport, Florida, had an extremely elaborate plan to smuggle drugs into the United States.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, Palencia invested $600,000 in crystal meth. This meth was then made into a type of “meth paste” that was plastered all over three pieces of pottery that Palencia purchased.

Palencia intended to pick up the meth-covered pottery after shipping it from Mexico, break down the vases and knick-knacks, and cook the meth paste back into its original form.

Once fully baked, Palencia then planned to sell the meth for a hefty profit.

All told, Palencia’s haul amounted to 22 grams of crystal meth.

Palencia is currently facing some very serious charges, including drug trafficking, trafficking in narcotics over 400 grams, trafficking in narcotics between 28 and 200 grams, and four counts of drug possession.

Although it has not been confirmed, it is likely that Palencia’s crystal meth can be tied back to the various narco-terrorist cartels that effectively run Mexico.

Much of Mexico’s crystal meth is actually supplied via Hong Kong thanks to the criminal Triad organizations that control that city’s underworld. The Triads sell the meth in exchange for marijuana and cocaine that is supplied by their cartel allies.

With annual revenues over a billion dollars, the most powerful cartels in Mexico have the resources to buy guns, explosives, and Mexican politicians. Frighteningly, despite the ongoing Drug War and increased military pressure on the cartels, Mexico’s narco-terrorists have deep ties to international terror groups like Hezbollah and ISIS.

Indeed, Hezbollah, which is currently fighting in Syria on behalf of President Bashar al-Assad, is the largest and most powerful terrorist organization working south of the American border. Much of this power comes from their collaboration with Mexican drug cartels.

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