The Simpsons Reviews Trump’s First 100 Days

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The Simpsons are going to do a review of Trump’s first 100 days this weekend. Check out the preview below. First off, the way they have President Donald Trump’s hair moving around his head is hilarious. They also have his trademark darker skin and white around the eyes.

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The episode begins with a storm brewing around the White House. They have a Press Secretary Sean Spicer character who has hung himself. Spicey is wearing a note that just says, “I quit.” Kellyanne Conway runs by and yells, “I’m not replacing him.” Finally, they pan up the stairs to Trump is his pajamas lying on a bed. Trump is happy that he has increased his Twitter following and his golf handicap during his first 100 days.

Trump is then given a bill to read. He then asks if he can wait until Fox News reads it and talks about it. The Simpsons themselves are scared of what is happening. Marge has run out of a bottle of pills that was supposed to last her four years. Grandpa is then taken away by immigration agents.

This is a dark bit even for the cartoon known for its satire, but it’s a pretty apt description of the last 100 days.

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