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The Jimmy Carter Library Trolls Trump Hard (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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Republicans love to go after former President Jimmy Carter, which is what makes this trolling even more enjoyable.

Many consider Carter to be a true Christian. He won a Nobel Peace Prize back in 2002 for his humanitarian work because he’s a decent human being. Unlike President Donald Trump who reeks of white supremacy.

Carter even kept his promise when he said:

“I’ll never tell a lie. I’ll never make a misleading statement. I’ll never betray the confidence that any of you had in me. And I’ll never avoid a controversial issue.”

Carter held true to his words. Our Fibber in Chief, on the other hand, lies about lies he’s told and then blames it on the ‘fake’ media.

For reasons that are hard to understand, many of his supporters continue to stick by his side. It’s worth noting that republicans hate Carter. They claim he had a weak economy and criticize the way he handled the Iranian hostage situation.

They also love to say that Trump was elected by God. After all, what’s more Christian than an admitted sex offender who reeks of white supremacy?

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God certainly works in mysterious ways.

So as Trump’s first 100 days come to a close, people are looking at his campaign promises and where he stands. He’s currently hovering between 40-50%, which isn’t surprising. This past election divided our country almost in half and his supporters are as blind as a bat.

The Jimmy Carter Library reminded everyone that Trump just couldn’t stack up:

As usual, Twitter responded:

So to all of his supporters who love to bash a true Christian while telling everyone to give Trump a chance, remember that numbers are bipartisan.

Watch this video to hear Carter talk about empowering women, as opposed to Trump who’d rather grab their genitals and say you have to treat them like shit.


Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

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