Christian Bale Just Made Trump Look Like A FOOL! (VIDEO)

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Terry George’s The Promise, released to American audiences this week, is about a tense love triangle during the Armenian genocide.

Christian Bale, playing a reporter of the Associated Press, sat with The Daily Beast recently to promote the film.

Neither Bale nor the reporter could get around the startling parallels of Ottoman tyrannical leadership and modern events. They spoke of the numerous individuals in Russia who have disappeared or been killed after standing up to Vladimir Putin. In every fascist dictatorship, they claim, freedom of the press is the first thing to go.

Bale retorts by referring to the amicable ties between Putin and Donald Trump. Then, he hits the nail right on the head:

“It’s like we’re watching somebody reading a Dictatorship for Dummies book.”

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Funny, yes, but frighteningly true. I believe they speak for everyone in their sentiment of being scared for the future. As they say, history tends to repeat itself.

Below is the trailer for The Promise, in theaters now!

Featured image by Wikimedia Commons, available under the CC 3.0 generic license.

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