Gummy Trumps Bring A Whole New Meaning To The Phrase “Eating Your Feelings”

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For many, President Donald Trump’s election to office has brought about feelings of depression, exasperation, and anger. Coincidentally enough, these are the same emotions that lead many people to sink themselves into emotional eating, whereby their emotions are coped with via eating foods that are pleasing to them. This triggers the pleasure centers of the brain, allowing a flood of dopamine and serotonin to flood the body and cause temporary feelings of euphoria.

But now, an internet entrepreneur by the name of Cornelius Wilson from Atlanta, GA, has changed the way people will forever view “eating their feelings.”

This 30-year old entrepreneur has invented a gummy that anyone of any Trump-emotive spectrum can enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Gummy Trumps.

They’re called “Gummy Trumps,” and they mix the two biggest passions of Wilson’s life: gummy bears and Trump news. He figured that, by making a gummy bear version of Trump, it would lighten things up in an all-too-depressive world. A couple of the succulent flavors your mouth can now enjoy are “Make America Grape Again” and “Blow My Berries.” There’s even a flavor called “Thank You, Russia!”

That flavor is designated by a deep red color, which we can only assume comes from the absolute bloodbath the Trump administration is becoming as legitimate ties to Russia still continue to surface.

If you’re a fan of The Don, chomp down on his gummy body and fill yourself to the brim with his pompous goodness! Enjoy your favorite person as your favorite snack! Let his aggressive tactics and environmentally-destructive executive orders melt on your tongue!

If you are crying in your ice cream over his election, then take solace in biting his head off, literally!

Now, Trump can go from leaving a bad taste in your mouth to leaving a pleasant one, all while your teeth sink into his eyeballs as you revel in the satisfaction of crushing the opposition time and time again.

And, as if this creation could not get any better or more comedic, you can also send these gummies anonymously to anyone you wish.

Got a Trump-hating friend you want to see cringe? Send ’em some gummies!

Got a statement you want to make to a Trump-loving family member? Send ’em some Trump gummies so they can blow his berries!

Heat ’em up and watch them dissolve. Crush them with a hammer and watch them splatter. Flush them down a toilet and watch them drown! Now, the ways you can cope with your anger and depression cover playing with your food… And who doesn’t love playing with their food!?

Let Trump finally do something right in your life.

And, in beautiful Trump fashion, there is a zero-day money back guarantee.

Because we all know Trump doesn’t like to give back money.

If you want to get in on this party, click here to order your very own batch of Gummy Trumps.


Featured image courtesy of Gummy Trumps.

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