This Geographical Error Could Spark War – Good Job Trump

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With every passing day, the ignorance of Donald Trump becomes more obvious. The man who has somehow managed to become President of the United States has consistently alienated our allies and baffled our friends.

He has criticized NATO, and complained about the financial support of our allies in the organization. His ugly rhetoric has upset the governments of Germany, France and Great Britain.

Now the oblivious leader of this country has managed to enrage our allies in South Korea, too.

Let’s remind ourselves that perhaps the greatest threat to this country is from the totalitarian regime of North Korea, where dictator Kim Jong-un has been threatening the United States with nuclear war. Given the fact that North Korea is openly expressing its desire to blow the U.S. to smithereens, you would think that the President would be extra careful about keeping South Korea happy.

But if you thought that, you would be underestimating the pure ignorance of Donald J. Trump, who appears to have the comprehension of a third grader when it comes to international relations.

Last week President Trump was interviewed by the venerable Wall Street Journal. He was asked about his conversations with China’s leader, Xi Jinping. No doubt Mr. Trump wanted to impress the interviewer with his “terrific” relationship with China’s most powerful leader. So he stated, rather ignorantly, that

Korea actually used to be a part of China.”

Apparently, the Donald was repeating information given to him by the Chinese leader. Lacking any actual understanding of world history, Trump simply echoed what he had been told by one of America’s rivals, not stopping to think about how it might be interpreted by one of our closest allies.


The South Koreans were not at all amused by the tone deaf, clueless comments of the U.S. President. Not even a little bit. In fact, the official response was to call the comments “ignorant remarks.”

So here we are. Faced with a direct, aggressive threat from North Korea and relying on help from a completely pissed off South Korea.

How much worse can it get?

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