Billions Spent On Airport Security And THIS Happens?! (VIDEO)

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Last week, a woman flew from the Los Angeles international airport to Taiwan with a gun in her carry-on.

Noell Grant, 42, is a police officer stationed in Santa Monica. The weapon at hand was for personal use—not service—when she boarded the plane. She claims that she had forgotten about the gun and that she only realized it was in her bag during her layover in Taipei.

While that sounds like a sketchy excuse, her story checks out. Her first response to the realization was to inform the airport staff. This immediately turned the country of Taiwan into her personal jail cell until the matter is resolved.

Federal agents repent the mishap that occurred at LAX. The only statement made was the level of accountability they intend to hold those responsible.

Whether or not Grant is on the list of those responsible is yet to be determined.

It is no secret that security protocol in airports has intensely expanded since the events occurring on 9/11. So intense, in fact, it is kind of baffling that an event so simple as this could even happen in this modern era.

Adam Conover, from TruTV’s Adam Ruins Everything, pokes many more holes in modern TSA protocol. In the clip below, he paints a picture of the many inefficiencies in our current system. Check it out!

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