Trump In A Daze: Melania Has To Elbow Him To Remind Him Of Basic Tradition (VIDEO)

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President Donald Trump is in the news again, and this time it is for being in a daze. It was the Easter celebration at the White House. As the national anthem began, both Melania and Barron dutifully placed their hands on their hearts, as is standard. Trump however was off in his own little world. His wife Melania had to give him a subtle nudge to remind him, which he no doubt thought he did quickly enough for no one to notice, he was wrong. Twitter has had a field day with the blunder.

Emma Vigeland was quick to point out the hypocrisy of ‘patriotic’ Trump supporters with this tweet:

PluralisticIgnorance had another theory as to why Trump might have forgotten:

Brandon Unger tweeted in the style of the president himself with this:

In a week where he has made many blunders, including showing that he was unsure when Easter was, Trump was also talking about eating cake while bombing Syria, when instead he mistakenly said “Iraq.”

It really does make you wonder where his head is at.

This was not the only event that raised eyebrows at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. Trump was asked to sign a hat for a boy. The video footage of this says a lot about him. Trump walks up to a crowd with an arrogant stride. We hear a boy ask him to sign his hat. Trump signs it and then throws it up in the air – away. It is dumbfounding to watch the footage. He is then asked to sign another hat, presumably because he had thrown the first one away. He does all this with absolutely no shame!

What is wrong with him? The crazy thing is when he is caught out doing these mindless, stupid things, he just acts like nothing has happened.

It is truly bizarre and considering he is on the brink of war with several countries right now, extremely disturbing.

Unpatriotic Trump

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Watch him forget here:


Watch the Young Turks discuss the other stupid thing he did at his Easter celebration:

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