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Is Trump Goldmember? Does Trump Want To Ride In The Queen’s Golden Carriage? (VIDEO)

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President Donald Trump has already been forced to delay his visit to the U.K. due to the sheer volume of protests to his proposed visit earlier this year. The delayed visit is now scheduled for October and the logistics are proving difficult.

The latest reports say that Trump demanded to ride in the golden carriage with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, pulled by two horses. The security risk of doing this is great and although other leaders have done so in the past, former President Obama chose not to in 2011. Obama did not have crowds of people protesting his visits, though.

A security source told the Times of London via the New York Post that the carriage:

“…Would not be able to put up much resistance in the face of a rocket-propelled grenade or high-powered ammunition.”

Since this news broke, according to the Independent the White House has denied the claims. A spokesman for the White House has told People magazine the story is ‘completely false’ and that they:

“…Have not even begun working on details for this trip.”

There are many reasons why it is quite believable that Trump would make this kind of demand. His lavish lifestyle and decor alone make it plausible. His over the top security costs, golf trips and his wife and son choosing to live in New York has already cost the taxpayer dearly. On top of this, security costs for Trump are no doubt also made more expensive due to the highly contentious things he says and does.

Trump ran an extraordinary campaign filled with broken promises and scandal after scandal only to surprise everybody with a win in November.

The British public made their protest and disdain for an upcoming visit by the new president, quite clear.

Regardless of whether he rides in the Queen’s golden carriage or not, we are all quite aware of Trump’s exorbitant ego.

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