Outraged Pelican ATTACKS A Drone, Sends It Spiraling To The Ground (VIDEO)

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On March 30, a video quickly spread. With one watch you will be chanting “Duck!”

…But it’s not a duck. As Marlin so charmingly put in Finding Nemo, that’s a pelican.

The video—filmed on Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica—depicts a pelican not-so-charmingly crashing into a drone camera head on.

The drone is quickly jolted to a lower angle. We watch as the person controlling it manages to regain equilibrium. In the corner, the pelican can be seen flying once again.

When the video was posted, the guy behind it made a statement that

“It seems as if the pelican flew towards the drone and attacked it.”

Hmm. That seems a little far-fetched to me. The wings of the bird are to its back during the collision—it appears to be slowing down. Trying to, at least.

It looks pretty damn frightened too.

The videographer may be trying to stir a little drama or even cover his own ass by shifting the blame from him blatantly running over a bird with his drone.

Regardless, shortly after the collision the video stopped giving feed and the drone spiraled to the ground. A hilarious misfortune or not-so-subtle karma?

Click the video below and decide!

Featured image available via Pixabay

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