Blood IS Thicker Than Water — Nepotism In The White House Might Force Bannon Out

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With all of the controversy surrounding Steve Bannon and his removal from the National Security Council, there are many who speculate (including an ex-Breitbart executive) that the firing of Bannon could come at a steep price to President Donald Trump’s administration.

And, with Bannon no longer his chief adviser and strategist, that moves his daughter, Ivanka Trump, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, up the ranks. Now, they not only have an “open-door policy” into the Oval Office where Ivanka’s father sits, but they are now the two dominant voices in his ear when it comes to the offering of advice and guidance as he sits in his presidential seat.

This means three things: 1) the nepotism notch increases tenfold, 2) people are beginning to question whose policies are actually filtering through the White House, and 3) this level of nepotism might ultimately force Bannon out.

Whether people want to admit it or not, nepotism isn’t new. Dwight Eisenhower hired his son as one of his aides, Robert Kennedy was his brother’s Attorney General, and George Bush even asked his father to help him ease out his entire chief of staff. History shows us that not only is nepotism in the White House common, but it is almost regulatory within the Republican Party’s history.

But, even conservatives such as Scott McConnell are beginning to sound their horns at their concerns for Trump’s blatant utilization of nepotism:

“Do I regret my Trump vote? Not yet: none of his close GOP rivals were better, and Hillary Clinton would likely seek confrontations everywhere, without apology. With Trump, there still remain grounds to hope that some of the foreign policy common sense expressed in the campaign will prevail. But I certainly didn’t vote for the foreign policy preferences of Jared and Ivanka, or a policy driven by whatever images on TV happened to move the president.”

He then went on to call Ivanka and Jared “bright, conventionally wisdomed, yuppie New Yorkers who have never had to formulate or defend a complicated foreign policy position in their lives.”

Funny, Trump never had to do that, either.

At any rate, this brings about the third point: that this case of ultra-nepotism will force ultra-conservative Bannon out of the White House altogether.

According to associates within the White House, Ivanka sees her role as the protector of the Trump brand, and while she admits that her father does not always take advice, she does applaud him for always stopping to listen when she asks for his ear. This could be detrimental to Bannon because Ivanka has not only intentionally stayed away from the “rough-hewed character,” she has also been chattering away in her father’s ear about his shortcomings.

One of those shortcomings? Articles believed to be planted by Bannon supporters in an attempt to divert responsibility for important electoral wins in the Midwest from Trump to none other than Bannon himself.

In this game of chess Steven Bannon is attempting to play, the biggest downfall he will face is the fact that blood really is thicker than water. Not only that, but even Trump recognizes the damage Bannon could do if let go on negative terms. He has stated hopes that Bannon will stick around, albeit in a more “circumscribed role,” mostly because Trump would rather have a personality like him on the inside instead inciting his voice as a critic on the outside.

But, it seems as if this entire game of chess hinges on what Ivanka will continue to say in her father’s ear.

Funny, I thought she was doing that for women’s rights.

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