Crazy Theory About Kendrick Lamar’s New Album!!

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Last Friday, Kendrick Lamar dropped the highly anticipated album DAMN. Within hours of its first listeners, fans started creating theories about the hidden messages of the album. One of these theories, however, was so detailed it couldn’t be fake.

Or so was believed.

The theory goes like this: Damn., dropped on Good Friday, would be followed by another album called Nation. (together Damnation) released on Easter.

The evidence is pretty damning.

  1. Kendrick dies in Damn. 

The album is introduced by a track of our lead getting murdered by an old lady on the street. This song is not subtly released on Good Friday, the day that Jesus was crucified in Christian tales. The idea is that Nation.’s introductory track will be Kendrick (and Jesus’s) resurrection.

  1. Kendrick is known for his layered concepts and devote Christianity.

The theory fits his style ever-so perfectly.

  1. The “M” from Damn. is red and on Kendrick’s forehead like devil’s horns.

Could the “O” in Nation. appear to be a halo?

  1. Easter eggs (pun intended) in “The Heart Part IV.”

One of the few singles released prior to Damn. reads a bar “With TOC, you see the flames/ In my E-Y-E’S; it’s not a game.” “TOC” is understood to mean “the other color.” Beside the cover of Damn. being Kendrick standing in front of a red wall, the first track is entitled “Blood.” The new contrasting album would have a blue theme, then, possibly reverencing the Crip gang—the rivals being a common theme in Kendrick’s music. This is beyond possible, since Kendrick’s photo on Spotify was strikingly similar to the album cover… but the bricks are blue.

  1. The Top Dawg Entertainment producer Sounwave may have been hinting at this theory.

Sounwave tweeted a photo of Morpheus from The Matrix, furthering the belief of this red-and-blue contrast as the two pills from the movie. The caption reads “But what if I told you… that’s not the official version,” which is beyond fishy.

So I know what you are thinking: it’s Easter. Where is this album?!

I guess the theory is so good even Kendrick is wishing he had come up with it.

Regardless, Untitled Unmastered (the album which compiled unreleased demos from To Pimp a Butterfly) was released less than a year following Kendrick’s 2015 album. Who knows what is to come?

Featured image available via YouTube screenshot. 

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