Synchronicity: One Heart That Beat For Two Athletes

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Sometimes life is just full of amazing coincidences and moments of pure synchronicity.

The story of baseball legend Rod Carew and his second chance at life is surely one of those moments.

Carew had a historical career as an infielder for nearly 20 years. He played for the Minnesota Twins and the California Angels. He played in 18 consecutive All Star games and after his retirement was named to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

You can imagine that the affable Panamanian star was a hero to young fansĀ during his playing days. One day in the lateĀ 1990s, Carew was at the California elementary school that he kids attended. The other students were thrilled to have a chance to meet the star.

In fact one sixth grade boy named Konrad Reuland rushed home after school that day to tell his mother that he had met the baseball hero.

The years went by, and Rod Carew grew older. He retired from coaching baseball, and settled in to enjoy life with his wife and family. One day he had a serious heart attack while golfing. Although doctors did what they could, his heart continued to fail, and Carew was placed on the heart transplant list.

And little Konrad Reuland had grown up to be a professional football player. He played tight end for the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens. He was big. He was strong. He had an athlete’s powerful heart.

But sometimes life doesn’t follow the rules.

The 29 year old athlete suffered a brain aneurysm, and went into an irreversible coma.

His organs were donated, just as he’d wished. Recipients in desperate of a second chance need got his liver, kidneys and his heart.

In general, recipients of organ transplants never find out who gave them their reprieve from death. But in this case, Konrad Reuland’s grieving mom and Rod Carew’s grateful wife each put together the clues and discovered that young Konrad Reuland’s powerful heart was beating in the chest of his former hero, Rod Carew.

The two families have met, and have formed a strong and loving friendship. Mary Reuland is able to put her ear against the chest of her new friend, and here the sound of her son’s beating heart.

That’s pretty powerful life synchronicity, don’t you think?

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