Secret Service Forces Are Worn Out, Stretched Too Thin, And Worked Like Dogs Under Trump (VIDEO)

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The life of a Secret Service agent isn’t easy. You’re expected to do whatever it takes to protect the president, including risk your own life. As Don the Con runs our country into the ground, he’s doing the same to these agents.

Most presidents do their business from the White House, but not President Donald Trump. Since he was elected into office, he’s taken seven trips to Mar-A-Lago for golfing and to meet with other leaders.

Secret Service agents accompany him each time.

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He also has four adult sons and two daughters who require protection, not to mention their spouses and children. So wherever they go, Secret Service agents go.

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His family even enjoyed a little Aspen, Colorado visit on the taxpayers’ dime. In between skiing away our money, the Trumps gladly posed for a photo-op to say ‘thank you.’

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100 Secret Service agents also joined them on the slopes, but not for a good time.

Let’s not forget about First Lady Melania Trump, who insists on staying in Trump Tower with their son Barron. Secret Service agents might catch a break if she were to join her husband in the White House, but that’s not likely to happen.

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All of this prompted Trump to ask for an additional $60 million in Secret Service spending for 2018, $27 million of which is just for Trump Tower.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) pointed out the mental state of Secret Service agents, saying:

“They are flat-out worn out.”

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For anyone who still believes this is necessary just to have a president who will “drain the swamp,” it’s not like these guys have nothing else to do. They’ve had to scale back on helping missing or exploited minors and cyber crimes, among other duties.

The Trump family is starting to act like royalty, even treating their secret service agents like palace guards. Except these guards aren’t expected to eat, sleep or have any life outside of protecting the king. Talk about a democracy.

Watch this video to see the sleazier side of Trump.

H/T: Huffington Post

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter. 

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