What So Many Hollywood Villains Have In Common (VIDEO)

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Ever notice how many Hollywood films feature villains that seem to have something in common?

They often have a foreign accent – think James Bond. However there is another significant feature that the movie business often associates with ‘bad guys’ and that is to have some sort of skin disorder, imperfection, or disease.

Think about it. From albinism to alopecia to scars to wrinkles to warts to bags under eyes to bulbous noses – Hollywood often depicts villains as having various skin problems.

Let’s take a look at some of the major villains Hollywood has given us:


The Joker of Batman


The Joker

Image via YouTube.

The joker played by many of the greats including Jack Nicholson, of course he has a scarred face due to falling into a vat of acid leaving him with a strange and  permanent smile.


Darth Vader of Star Wars

Darth Vader

Image via YouTube.

Most of us will never forget the moment Darth Vader’s helmet is removed in Return of the Jedi – it was such a shock to see his pale, white face with severely damaged skin.


The Wicked Witch of the West of The Wizard of Oz

Wicked Witch of the West

Image via YouTube.

This laughing arch enemy of Dorothy was a green-skinned witch with warts.


Voldemort from Harry Potter


Image via YouTube.

Voldemort is bald, disturbingly pale, and strangely missing a nose. His appearance is disconcerting and once again is a villain that conflates evil with disfigurement.


Dr Evil from Austin Powers

Dr Evil

Image via YouTube.

Dr Evil, a parody of a villain from the Austin Powers series seems to have more than one skin affliction – he has alopecia, a scar, and is very pale.

Live Science reported a study that has looked into this common feature we see in movie villains and found that 68 films released between 1960 and 2006 had  an “evil albino” character.

It also concluded:

The results of this study demonstrate Hollywood’s tendency to depict skin disease in an evil context, the implications of which extend beyond the theater.

The study also found that heroes in the same films very rarely had any ‘significant dermatological features.’

The villain is a vital part of a thrilling movie and many film goers of course love a good scare. The sad side is that some  people who suffer from these skin disorders in real life may also suffer from fear or prejudice, all because of this common Hollywood association.

villain meme
I’m cooler meme via Deviant Art

Watch Jack become the Joker:


Watch Dr Evil’s great moments here:

Featured image via YouTube.

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