Watch Louis CK Finally Explain Trump’s Level Of Lying In A Way We Can All Understand (VIDEO)

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For Louis CK, liars are like Gabriel Iglesias’ levels of fat: there’s “he lied once,” “he lies sometimes,” “he’s a liar,” and “lying sack of sh*t.”

In other words, there’s “I forgot,” “lack of trust,” “no trust,” and “never will trust.”

Guess which one he called President Donald Trump?

Then, Louis CK went on to explain that Trump is not a liar to everyone. Many people in this country truly don’t believe a word of what he is spewing. People know he is lying about how unemployment is calculated, about how much money Germany supposedly owes NATO (or the fact that NATO is paid money at all), and about how high our country’s murder rate actually is.

People understand he is making up terrorist attacks and lies about how no one cares about his tax returns, and even talking from his rear end when he says he has tremendous support for women and their rights.

There are many people who understand he is lying.

But, there are some that don’t.

And Louis CK makes sure people understand that.

“Look, if you voted [for Trump], that’s the guy he lied to. He didn’t lie to me. He lied to him. He didn’t lie to me. Everyone else was like, ‘Yeah, no, that’s not true.’ But that guy bought it.”

“That guy” is a man in the crowd who admitted to voting for Trump. And, he’s right. If someone voted for Trump, they were effectively lied to. He lied about his stance on nuclear weapons, he lied about openly mocking a disabled reporter on national television, he lied about his stance on the Iraq war, and he has even accused Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., of not doing anything for vets while he sits back and… You guessed it… Does absolutely nothing for vets.

But, what Louis CK addresses before that is probably the most important issue within this process of watching a liar twist and destroy this country, and that is the fact that the people who voted for him were “victims” to his lying.

Yes, people who believed him and voted for him were victims of what a con-man is able to do. They fell prey to the smoke-and-mirrors and the bombastic talk and the dreamy idea of kicking out everyone who doesn’t belong and “draining the swamp” and giving this country “back to the people.”

But, the truth is that a man like Trump would not be good at what he does if it weren’t for his insatiable need to lie, and lie well.

Watch the entire exchange below and see for yourself.


Featured image courtesy of Youtube video.

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