This Young Mom Just Wants To Bring Her Boy Home

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Like many young people on the verge of beginning their lives, Emily Lartner wanted to experience the world before settling into a professional life. The young British woman was only 22 years old when she chose to take a gap year and travel.

Wanting to do something helpful, Ms. Lartner travelled to Uganda to help a local charitable orphanage. The young woman says that it was just a regular morning at the orphanage when a phone call came in telling the staff that a newborn was in desperate straits. So off they raced, to the village where the baby waited. Ms. Lartner said:

When we arrived, we realised there was a burial going on. A lady had died, leaving behind 7 children. The youngest was a baby boy; he was just 5 days old. His mother had died due to excessive bleeding after birth. He had not received any breast milk or formula and there was no one able to care for him. His mum left this world before even giving him a name.”

The little one was placed into Emily Lartner’s waiting arms, and she became his primary care giver. She fed him, changed his diapers, woke up in the night when he needed her.

Although she’d planned to stay at the orphanage only a few weeks, and then wanted to travel, the young woman extended her stay in Uganda by two months, unable to leave the little boy who had been named Adam.

Ms. Lartner went home to attend her graduation, but then came back to Uganda for four months to care for Adam. Eventually she returned to Britain and became a teacher, but she spent every holiday back in Uganda with the growing boy.

Knowing that she could never envision her life without Adam, Lartner began the process of adopting him. Ugandan law requires that before adopting, foreign parents must live in Uganda for one year, acting as foster parents.

So Emily Lartner got a job teaching at an international school and settled in to complete the adoption process. She was prepared to meet all of the financial and legal requirements for becoming Adam’s mom.

But she lost the teaching job, and has been forced to rely on her parents for financial support as she completes her year in Uganda.

Meanwhile, Adam continues to thrive and to grown. Emily Lartner is determined to adopt the little guy and bring him back to the UK to raise him in her hometown.

This kind of love is hard to stop, but easy to support.

If you’d like to help Adam be adopted by his loving foster mother, you can click right here to find their GoFundMe page.

What an easy way to make the world a little bit better!

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