Coachella Still Dealing With Consequences Of Anti-LGBTQ Donations

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Coachella recently released its 2017 lineup. So, of course, the unrest of Philip Anschutz’s past donations to anti-LGBTQ foundations once again began stirring.

Anschutz has come out on numerous occasions to multiple publications claiming the donations were a mistake—that such hyperbolic reports were simply fake news. Once these reports became viral, he and his team immediately broke ties with all groups that would support such allegations.

Whatever the truth behind the story, in undoubtedly hurt business. While Coachella is one of the hugest events of the year featuring some of the biggest names of any festival, it now forces attendees to evaluate the moral ramifications. In fact, a petition went into effect this year urging performers to donate their proceeds to pro-LGBTQ organizations.

It’s settled then, right? Not exactly.

Paul Tollett, the CEO of Goldenvoice (the concert-promoting company that organizes Coachella), in an interview with The New Yorker has recently stated that Anshutz’s apologies are simply not good enough. After all, as half-owner of the festival, Tollett’s name gets dragged through the mud with each “Coachella owner homophobic” headline. Tollett, of course, expects a radical, humble, heart-felt apology to the people of the LGBTQ community.

“He’d better say, ‘No fucking way.’”

Tollett then remarks how big ships sink over small things. While their mistakes may be honest ones, one thing must be remembered: nothing, not even Coachella, is unsinkable.

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