7 Things Only Lefties Understand (VIDEO)

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There are many cool things about being left-handed, but there are some annoyances as well. Here are a few of the things we have to deal with:

1. Left-Handed Scissors

We have to buy a special variety of scissors to be able to cut things comfortably. They often cost up to $5 extra.

2. Smeared Ink On Our Hands

You righties write from left to right, so your hand doesn’t go back over what you’ve written. Our left hand will go over the writing after we’ve written it.

3. School Desks

The school desks at many colleges are on the right side, which makes us have to either turn or otherwise contort ourselves to take notes. It can be a pain.

4. Spiral Notebooks

Also, binders are annoying. We get stabbed when writing in those. That Elmo notebook up there may be cute, but it will stab a leftie when we try to write in it.

5. Dining Tables

If you sit next to a rightie, you will end up elbowing them at some point. It is annoying.

6. Measuring Cups.

I hope you can read the metric side.

7. Joy

Omg! A left-handed coffee cup!!

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