You Won’t Believe Some Of These Real Urban Outfitters Clothing Items

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Oh, Urban Outfitters. We love your artsy, kitschy, casual products which fancy the attention of the offbeat who cut mainstream appeal. What we don’t love, however, is your exponentially sprouting offensiveness.

While more of these products are being added to the line year by year, here are some of the most damaging ones in the recent past.

Concentration Camp Shirt

That’s right.  This is a shirt made to look like the pattern put on the uniforms concentration camp detainees. Supposedly some people find clothing forced upon holocaust victims “cute.”

Featured Image available via YouTube screenshot

Kent State Shirt

Here is an addition to the line a few years ago which depicts a Kent State sweatshirt covered in blood. This, of course, is alluding to the Kent State massacre where the National Guard brutally murdered four Vietnam War protestors. UO tastefully entitled this piece “vintage.”

Image available via YouTube screenshot.

“Eat Less” Shirt

A shirt, designed for thin girls, labeled “eat less.” Need I say more?

Image available via YouTube screenshot

“Depression” Shirt

This beautiful pitch intends to paint a picture of depression as a cool, edgy topic marketed to scene teenagers, horribly exploiting a deadly mental illness.

Image available via YouTube screenshot

And don’t worry, because if you don’t like your shirt’s original color, UO had a cool grey color you can select dubbed “Obama Black” (no joke).

Urban Outfitters, please stop. Go back to making your cheap snap-easy flies and buttons. It’s what you do best.

Featured image available via YouTube screenshot.