Would You Pay $1,000 To Dine In The Sky? (VIDEO)

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Tired of eating with your feet on the ground? Want more excitement with your entree? If so, a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia may be in order this July. From the 1st to the 31st you can enjoy anything from a $296 brunch to a $919 “First Class” experience including five courses, champagne, and even a pick-up service. Oh and the entire meal is served on a platform, 150 feet in the air, suspended from a crane.

The “experience” starts when you book in 45 minutes before your scheduled meal time to have a safety briefing and canapes. You sit in amusement park type seats and are snuggly belted in before you, and your entire party is hoisted aloft to sit above the city. The glass floor affords you an almost 360-degree view.

The staff take all of the food and drink into the air with them and cook and serve everything right in front of you on the platform. At least the servers do not have to walk far or carry too much.

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Dinner In The Sky began in Belgium and had hosted over 5,000 events in 40 countries around the world and if your first thought is “What do I do if I need to go to the bathroom?” you are not alone. That is the number one question on the FAQ page.

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