Wow! Maryland’s Republican Governor Made This Surprising Liberal Move (VIDEO)

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You have to love Maryland, don’t you?

I mean, those delicious crabs, the beautiful harbor, the Orioles. What’s not to love?

Now Maryland has made a move that will endear itself to progressives and, even better, to low income women everywhere.

The state just became the very first in the nation to guarantee that Planned Parenthood would be fully reimbursed for all services if the federal government pulls its funding.

This widely applauded move was made without the blessing of the state’s Republican Governor, Larry Hogan. But it was also made without the veto that the Governor could have applied. Rather than speaking in favor of the bill, and falling afoul of his party, the Governor remained quiet. Rather than vetoing the liberal bill, he just plain stayed quiet.

Hogan allowed this bill, along with 14 others, to pass through the state legislature without his signature. I guess we could call this political compromise in the age of pure partisanship.

Another bill that Hogan allowed to pass would provide funds to the state Attorney General to file suit against the Trump administration. It would cover federal decisions relating to health care, the environment or immigration policy.

Democratic State Senator Richard Madaleno was not impressed with the Governor’s passive support, although he was happy with the result. He said:

Today Maryland makes history. . . unfortunately without the support of the Governor. While I wish our state didn’t need to fight the attacks on comprehensive healthcare by Congress, we are proud to stand up and protect access in Maryland.”

Lest we think that Governor Hogan is a truly progressive Republican, though, it’s important to note that the only bill he chose to veto was an education bill. It would have prevented the state from turning low performing schools into Charter schools. It was opposed by the state teacher’s union and by the entire Democratic body of the legislature.

So Governor Hogan has done the seemingly impossible. He has remained silent while his state passed laws that protect the health and safety of women and families, but he’s remained loyal to his Republican cohort by damaging public schools.

Overall? It seems like a win for liberals.

Bring on the soft shelled crab.

Featured image via YouTube screengrab.

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