Trump Forgets The Reason He Is Here (VIDEO)

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You know that moment when you walk into the kitchen, turn around in a circle and wonder why it was exactly you went in there? Well, apparently the Commander and Chief can suffer from the same issue, only his was a little more public and lot harder to understand.

Imagine you are President of the United States and a signing ceremony is arranged for you to put your John Hancock at the bottom of a couple of executive orders. You walk into the room, step up to the podium and become so thrown off by the line of questioning from the press that you finish speaking and walk out. Oh, and you forget the only thing you are there for, signing the orders.

That is exactly what happened to President Trump on Friday when he was scheduled to sign a pair of orders that were to focus on reducing the trade deficit. Trump stood facing the press and said:

 “Under my administration, the theft of American prosperity will end.We have a team that’s second to none: and when everyone’s in gear after these two orders I think it’s going to be something very special.”

Meanwhile, journalists called out questions relating to Micheal Flynn and his ties to Russia. This caused Trump to finish his speech with:

“You’re going to see some very, very strong results, very, very quickly.”

Then Trump turned to the door, gave a thumbs up and walked out with Mike Pence scuttling after his coat tails, alerting him to the mistake. The President seemed to gesture to the signing table, and the Vice President scooped up the orders and walked swiftly from the room.

Let us hope this is not standard operating procedure for Trump. Nobody wants to see their President go into peace talks, for example, and come rushing out again, having forgotten to sign a treaty. Maybe he was worried about getting back to the golf course on time.

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