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Nancy Kerrigan Reacts To Yamaguchi’s ‘Break A Leg’ Comment (VIDEO)

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23-years-ago, ice skater Nancy Kerrigan was the victim of a brutal attack right before a tournament. The incident brought her world wide fame and she is now once again in the media spotlight. Kerrigan has been cast in this season of Dancing With The Stars. Kristi Yamaguchi told the former ice skater to ‘break a leg’ during the first week of the show. Of course this caused a huge reaction online with many people remembering the horrible 1994 incident.

‘Break a leg’ is a common expression used by performers to wish each other luck and it was meant sincerely by Yamaguchi.

The two women are long term friends and have posed for this photo which Yamaguchi posted on Instagram:

A special sign to cheer on my roomie @nancyakerrigan 😜 vote!!!

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Kerrigan responded on Twitter with this:

This week on the show Kerrigan was asked if she was shocked about the controversy, she answered:

Well I didn’t get it for a while.

I know exactly what she meant by it.

We’ve been friends for like 30 years.

She called the whole thing “ridiculous.” The original scandal did shock the world because the attack was carried out by Jeff Gillooly the ex-husband of Kerrigan’s then rival Tonya Harding.  Both Harding and Gillooly were charged with the violent crime that saw Kerrigan’s knee beaten with a stick. The utter criminality and unsportsmanlike conduct of it all was astounding. It has gone down as one of the ugliest acts in sport and for a rivalry between the competitors to culminate in such brutality made it big news, both then and still now.

Kerrigan has always dealt with the situation with grace and the fact she can laugh this latest controversy off, shows how professional the sportswoman and dancer really is.


Watch Kerrigan laugh about the controversy here:

Watch the aftermath of the 1994 attack:


Watch Kerrigan dance on the show here:


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