Gucci Mane’s New Autobiography Reveals The Truth Behind Conspiracies!!

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Since his September, 2016 release date from prison, Gucci Mane has—needless to say—been grinding. He not only released his 10th studio album, The Return of East Atlanta Santa, but he released the title and a solid TBA on an 11th. What truly has followers on the edge of their seats, however, is his announcement of the creation of not new music… but a book.


Around the time of his release, the Simon & Schuster publishing company announced that they had been contracted with the Atlanta rapper. Last month, GuWop himself tweeted the cover and title of The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, set to be released this coming September.


Not surprisingly, Gucci Mane wrote the majority of the book behind bars. He’s been recounted on multiple occasions saying that putting his soul into the book is what helped him keep his sanity while in prison. The book was his solace.


You could say it’s going to be a good read.


Anticipated critics have pointed out that Gucci is only 37, a relatively young age to be scribing an autobiography. However, after beginning to rap at 14 and continuing to release 10 studio albums (so far) all the while jumping hurdles of murder charges, jail time for assault, and countless feuds with other artists (all of this not including his 2 years in prison which inspired the book in the first place). Despite his age, you could say he’s lived quite a dynamic life.


One aspect that attributed to this controversial dynamism was the layered conspiracy that escalated throughout his time in prison. Based on his changed looks and mannerisms upon leaving prison, the bulk of this conspiracy was that the CIA created a clone to replace the rapper during his time in prison in order to cleanup rap music. While that sounds ridiculous, it wasn’t even the craziest things that were afloat in the world wide web.


The book, an in-depth recount of his time in prison and following redemption, will in theory put an end—and give answers to—the controversial conspiracy.


In the meantime, we will wait on the edge of our seats.

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