Furry German Animal Dominates At Connect Four

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A coati is an adorable mammal that can be found all across Latin America, from Mexico down to Brazil. A relative of the raccoon, coatis are known for their high intelligence.

One coati named Sunny, who currently lives with a private citizen in the German capital of Berlin, certainly proves that theory.

According to reports, Sunny is a natural genius at board games. The coati’s owner, a man named Andre, specifically claims that Sunny is an excellent player of Connect Four, a board game where users must line-up four colored coins that connect either diagonally, vertically, or horizontally.

After adopting the animal back in 2008, Andre set about teaching his new pet the game, which debuted all the way back in 1974.

Although few people own coatis, for the animal is not traditionally a domesticated pet like a cat or a dog, Andre believes that the species is trainable.

Clearly, the intelligent Sunny, who has a winning instinct, took to Andre’s coaching quickly.

Sunny’s unusual skills have made international headlines, thus turning the obscure South American mammal into an overnight celebrity. Various YouTube videos of Sunny playing Connect Four have been viewed by over a thousand viewers.

Despite Sunny’s cuteness and brilliance, it’s probably not a good idea to adopt your own coati as a pet.


Featured image via: Daily Mail

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