Australian Real life Nightmare: Swimming In A Pool With Jaws (VIDEO)

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In a nightmare scenario, early morning swimmers in Sydney were shocked to find they had been doing their morning laps with a sizable shark lurking beneath them. Palm Beach ocean pool was the location and a juvenile Dusky Whaler shark measuring in at just under a meter long, was discovered in the local swimming pool. Palm Beach is a beautiful suburb on Sydney’s northern beaches in Australia. Many beaches in Australia have man-made pools right next to the rocks. They are filled with seawater and water from the ocean spills over into them. Well in this case, obviously it was more than just water managed to get over into the pool.

What is a Dusky whaler?

The Dusky Whaler is a commonly found shark around Australia.  They are grey streamlined with a stripe on their side.

The shark in question was only a baby, adults can grow to over three meters long and would have posed a much greater danger.

The reports say some swimmers were doing their morning exercise in the pool before the terrifying discovery that they were not alone.

Jennifer Hill, one of the swimmers said:

My initial response was obviously it wasn’t very hungry because it had ample opportunity. It was a beautiful experience.

Everybody who swam in the pool this morning didn’t know … except one person.

The shark was rescued and relocated. The experts who helped to rescue the shark said sharks in ocean pools was not very common, but other sea life can be found in there. It is also presumed that recent high tides allowed for the creature to make its way into the pool.

Anyone who has seen Jaws and the sequels knows how terrifying the thought of swimming with a real life shark would be. While this was not a Great White like in the film, the thought of that ominous music from the film alone is enough to make many of us get out of the water.


Who can forget this terrifying scene from Jaws?:

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