Otters Are Amazing Jugglers (VIDEO)

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It is no surprise that animals have some pretty whacky talents. These include the axolotl salamander’s ability to mend wounds immediately, the octopus’s ability to mimic other creatures’ movements, or even the hippopotamus—who can secrete a blood-sweat to protect their skin from the sun.

The latest animal in the scientific spotlight, however, is the otter—more specifically, the otter’s amazing ability to juggle rocks.

Time and time again scientists have witnessed otters playing with round rocks like a ball. What is curious about this behavior, though, is—much like the lack of understanding of why ice is slippery—no one knows why they do it.

The most prominent theories include purely recreation (like a dog with a stick or dolphins passing back and forth a small sea turtle). Others think—since otters use rocks as tools to open shellfish—that their playful juggling means they are hungry.

What’s even crazier about these talented creatures is that they have been observed keeping the SAME ROCK in the pouches of skin underneath their arms like a pocket knife or a hacky sack.

Whatever the reason, the bastards are pretty good at it. Some even juggle 3 rocks at a time.

Otters have truly become nature’s dark knight. From cute and cuddly hand-holders to savage and vicious rapists, we are still learning new things about these complex creatures.

You win this round, otters.

Featured image available via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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