Make Your Brain Sharp With These Little Ways

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We love seeing physically fit people because it impresses us. But, more than that, what impresses us most, even if we don’t admit it, are people with adept mental abilities. While getting physically fit is not for everyone, being mentally fit is something that everyone would like to achieve. Here are some little ways we can make that happen for you.

Always Ask

Not everything you hear, see or even read are actually factual. I’m not saying for you to question everything you know, but make sure that you put in the time to examine things people tell you. Whenever you are curious, make sure to satisfy that curiosity by asking.

Make it a habit to highlight

Whenever you are reading anything make sure to highlight the things that stick to you. It acts as mental filtering system, it’s like letting yourself know which things you read matters to you and also makes re-reading so much easier.

Try to write anything

Writing expands your brains to levels you can never imagine. It enhances you in many ways with the combination of research, analysis and synthesis. It makes you think fast, act fast and react fast.

Give advice often

You should give advice not to look smart or experienced, but to practice sympathy for other people. Being sympathetic enhances your brain to feel for other people without actually being in that particular situation. It greatly enhances your problem-solving skills.

Learn new things every day

Make it a habit to learn a few new things every single day. Read a fact or two while you’re on a break.

These are seemingly small tasks that you can squeeze to your daily routines, but I guarantee you that the returns are going to be quite phenomenal.


Images via: Pixabay