Frisky Russian Raccoon Develops A New Obsession (VIDEO)

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One zoo in Russia has a very unique problem. The Moscow Zoo claims that a raccoon named Thomas developed an unhealthy obsession with female breasts after taking part in a racy photoshoot.

According to a spokesperson for the petting zoo, Thomas’ fetish came after he was “traumatized” by a commercial ad that featuring a topless female model.

“(It) took two or three months to change his behaviour [sic].”

After getting Thomas under control and making female staff members comfortable around him again, the zoo has decided on pursuing legal action against the ad agency in question. Specifically, zoo officials claim that they were not told about the erotic nature of the ad beforehand, and therefore they were left unprepared for Thomas’ issues after the shoot.

In turn, the ad agency Art-Msk is seeking their own lawsuit, claiming that Thomas damaged a bra during filming. Furthermore, the zoo’s lawsuit has kept the agency from delivering the controversial ad to its clients. Valery Bogatov of Art-Msk further added that the zoo failed to provide them with a trained animal, which had been part of the original deal.

Art-Msk has fought against media claims that the shoot was “erotic” by pointing out that the commercial is supposed to be run on federal television, which closely regulates content.

All told, there are wags in the Russian media who insist that this entire case is a publicity stunt to drum up interest in the ad.

However, the zoo and certain protestors take the case seriously enough. Indeed, many petitions have been circulated requesting that media companies stop exploiting animals.

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