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Could You Swallow A Recycled Beer? Ew! (VIDEO)

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A new beer called Full Circle Pale Ale has just been created and it has a secret ingredient.

We have all seen dogs drink from the toilet bowl and sure it looks revolting, but they seem to survive. Well perhaps that could have inspired a San Diego brewer to come up with beer made from recycled waste water.

The water has of course been treated and purified. In a one off brew, Stone’s Brewers were offered to use the special water to make beer to draw attention to water sustainability as part of San Diego’s Pure Water project. The project is attempting to supply a third of San Diego’s drinking water with recycled wastewater.

The mayor of San Diego called the brew ‘delicious‘ and ‘fantastic‘ while others mentioned it was a ‘clean tasting’ beer with ‘caramel’ and ‘fruity’ tones. Steve Gonzales the brewer claims the pale ale ranks in his top three creations ever.

If you can get over the thought of drinking beer made from water that has been digested before, it is perfectly safe and considering the batch only lasted 20 minutes of a two hour event, it must taste pretty amazing. Some people at the event were concerned the beer might have an ‘off’ taste and they were pleasantly surprised describing it instead as ‘outstanding’. You might call people willing to try it environmentally conscientious or even brave, but mostly they were just thirsty. One lady said:

I love it, it’s hoppy, it’s delicious.

On a serious note sustainability is the only way forward. After all we are an exponentially-growing population of energy-demanding humans and so recycling and sustainability are more than just buzzwords, they are a necessity.

While it may be psychologically hard to swallow, beer using recycled and purified water is surely better than having no beer at all.


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