Stop Throwing Away Those Gel Packets And Start Putting Them To Good Use

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Have you ever wondered what else you can do with those silica gels you have in your shoe boxes? Yes, it does usually say “Throwaway” in the label, but these things are actually pretty useful, and here are some awesome reasons why you shouldn’t throw them away.

You can dry your phone with them.

Source: Hella Wella

Have you experienced dropping your phone in the toilet? You can use packets of silica gel to dry them out. Put your phone inside a bag or box of silica gel packets and you’ll have a dry phone in no time.

You can put them inside salt shakers.

Source: Pixabay

You can put a silica gel packet inside your salt shaker to prevent your salt from clumping because of moisture.

You can tape them inside opened chips.

Source: Pixabay

Tired of eating stale chips? Tape a packet inside an opened bag of chips and you’ll be sure to have fresh chips every time.

You can use them to preserve photos.

Source: Pixabay

Avoid molds from destroying precious photos and documents by placing a couple of silica gels packets inside your storage boxes.

You can use them to keep your windshield clear.

Source: Pixabay

Foggy windshield? Eliminate those by lining up your dashboard with a few packets, plus it saves you precious time.

They can keep your bag from getting stinky.

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Going to the beach? Pack a few packets inside your wet bag, this will prevent your whole bag from stinking.

These things are pretty awesome and if you don’t buy a new pair of shoes often, you can buy these things online too. If you accidentally get them damp you can just pop these babies inside an oven at 275ºF/135ºC  for about an hour and they’ll be good as new.


Image via: Pixabay