This Deliver Request Has A Restaurant In Dublin Cracking Up (TWEET)

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When it comes to ordering a pizza, many customers have been known to add an interesting extra item to their order with the requests varying in scope and scale. However, one restaurant received an extremely eccentric addition to a food order that might have perhaps raised the bar on requests of this type and nature.

It all began when an anonymous customer placed an order to Firehouse Pizza in Booterstown, Dublin last week. The order seemed typical with the customer ordering a “create your own” pizza that had toppings such as caramelized red onions, Cajun chicken, chorizo, and even sweet corn. However amid the very tasty sweet potato fires and cup of Coke that rounded out the order, the “special request” section housed a very unexpected surprise, a request for toilet paper.

The receipt with the kindly written request was shared by @cxloe via Twitter, who works as a waitress at the pizza establishment. Chloe revealed to the Daily Edge that she was not formally working that night, but her colleague Dave shared the potty themed bill on the workWhatsApp for everyone to enjoy. Chloe’s simple quote below says it all

I’m screaming I love my job

Chloe also revealed that the restaurant has had other odd requests from customers in the past, but this particular request is the funniest request that the establishment has yet received. As for Firehouse Pizza, they did comply with the unnamed customer;s request, and delivered the roll of toilet paper along with his food, though it is currently unknown if the customer was charged extra for the unexpected additional item.

Featured Image via By Lulu Durand , CC BY 2.0.

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