Teen Fights Sexist School Dress Code With Unique Message

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One young girl is sticking it to the patriarchy long before she can legally drive a car.

Grace Villegas is a 13-year-old from Wichita, Kansas whose middle school teachers didn’t care for a shirt she recently wore. The adults cast dirty glances at the simple top by Charlotte Russe, which naturally made her feel insecure.

That’s not all they did, though.

They even made comments about how it exposed her skin, referring to her cleavage and how it draped off of the shoulders. At no point did any of them reference the dress code manual.

About the lack of professionalism from her teachers, Grace said:

“I just wish one of them would have pulled me aside and said, ‘Hey, can you go check about this? See if it’s all right,’ instead of giving me looks that made me uncomfortable in my own skin.”

Grace went home to change into something else, where she told her family who was also outraged. So her older sister Isabella, 18, made her a t-shirt that said:

“Dress code: promotes the objectification and sexualization of young bodies, blames the wearer for the onlooker’s perceptions/actions, perpetuates rape culture, is BS.” 

Of course most schools have a dress code. Let’s call a spade a spade, though: they’re much stricter on girls than boys. Too much skin tells the girl she’s making it difficult for the boys to learn, while boys can pretty much wear whatever they want.

A teacher probably wouldn’t harass a boy for being good looking, telling him it’s distracting from everyone’s education. On the contrary, they’d probably correct any girls for paying more attention to him than what’s being taught.

That’s a form of misogyny.

While Grace doesn’t want to make a scene by wearing the t-shirt to school, the picture of her wearing it has been widely spread online.

Her sister said:

“Showing the girls that it’s their problem that the boys are getting excited, it’s their fault that the boys can’t handle it, taking time away from their eduction just so the boys can get a better education-it’s just teaching them so many things that are wrong.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

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