San Diego Produces Green Sewage Brewage – How About A Pint?

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With the art of beer making growing ever more diverse, many breweries are exploring new ways to re-imagine the way the timeless drink is made. However, Stone Brewery located in San Diego California, has unveiled an unorthodox method of making beer that might also signal a greener future for the industry as a whole.

A key ingredient in any beer is water with many breweries using a wide range of water sources. Stone’s method on the other hand flips this notion on its head, and uses treated sewage water to form the backbone of an all new beer offering that the company will be rolling out to distributors very soon.

Dubbed “Full Circle,” the company recently made five barrels of the upcoming beer with water that was treated at the city’s Pure Water demonstration plant. The plant is part of a broader plan by city officials that aims to purify enough water by 2035 to handle about one-third of the city’s drinking supply. With the ongoing drought that is currently plaguing many parts of California, the switch to recycled water could help alleviate the pressure on the state’s aquifers and rivers.

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While the thought of drinking a beer made with sewer water may seem nauseating to some at first glance, Stone’s chief operating officer Pat Tiernan, revealed that the purified recycled water is actually better than the current source of water that the brewery uses for its other beer offerings in a separate statement to San Diego 6.

This particular water will just help us not require so much natural water to come in and give us a more reliable source. So for us to be able to reuse, that’s part of our mantra, that’s part of what we do.

Brewer Steve Gonzalez the man who created Full Circle admitted to being somewhat skeptical at first when initially creating the drink, but he revealed that it eventually ended up being one of his favorite creations when all was said and done.

Among the pale ales that I’ve made, it’s probably in the top three. Those who drink the beer will get some caramel notes, some tropical fruit notes. It’s a very clean-tasting beer.

Full Circle is currently not for sale, but Stone Brewing is confident that the environmentally friendly beer will eventually make its way to distributors after all the production and quality hurdles are overcome.

So far it appears that progress has already been made, with early beer testers giving the brew high praise for its flavor and overall taste.

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