Amazon CEO Pilots Real Life Mega Robot (VIDEO)

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What is shiny, metallic, weighs 1.6 tons and is higher than two grown, tall men?

Well in this case it is Jeff Bezos – CEO of Amazon while operating a giant robot called Method 2.  In a scene straight out of Hollywood action films, Bezos was demonstrating manning a ‘mech’ robot. The machine is reminiscent of films such as Alien, Avatar, and Ironman.

Photo via Youtube.

While at the helm of the robot, Bezos recognised the similarity to Hollywood when he asked:

Why do I feel so much like Sigourney Weaver?

In this case Bezos was not fighting villains or saving the world. No he was merely showing off the impressive piece of machinery at the private 2017 Machine Learning, Home Automation, Robotics and Space Exploration (MARS) conference. The purpose of the robot? Well this one allowed Bezos to move the huge robotic arms about, but it did not walk  or lift things (perhaps for safety reasons).

The reason these machines are being developed is to take on jobs that would be impossible for an unprotected person to carry out, such as cleaning up the nuclear waste at disasters like Fukishima or perhaps in outer space missions. As technology advances, the possibilities are becoming much larger in terms of where we might be able to go with the help of piloted robots like this. While this might just be a demo model, the demonstration has revealed that human powered robots are not just fantasy anymore, they are a reality.

A scarier idea for which the technology could be used is of course in combat. The use of drones has already shown warfare has changed dramatically thanks to machinery, it is actually terrifying to imagine an army of giant robots like this going into battle.

The robot has been developed by Hankook Mirae Technology in South Korea who have been working on the project for years.

Let’s hope it is used for good.




Featured image via IBTimes.


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