What This Man Did To Motorcycle Seats Is Completely Disgusting (VIDEO)

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Trying to find a good motorcycle seat can be a hassle at times. Are you looking for a seat that physically compliments your new ride? Are you trying to get a seat that is comfortable for those long rides?

One man in Thailand is infatuated with motorcycle seats so much that he’s decided to have sex with them. Earlier this week outside of Burapaha University, the unnamed man chose to make love to a 50cc Honda, and unfortunately for him, the entire incident was caught on tape.

The video, which was caught on CCTV, shows the man circling about the vehicle for a couple minutes to make sure it was the perfect choice for his mission before tearing a hole in the seat. Seconds later, he finds himself making whoopie without ever knowing his actions were being recorded. If that wasn’t enough, the creep also managed to steal underwear hanging from dorm rooms.

Student Piyarat Manomaihataitip, who recorded the entire thing, said

“He wants to make love to the motorbikes. I think he wants everybody to know exactly he does. We can help him by sharing his disgusting act in public. Now, he’s well-known as the man who likes to attack motorbikes. If anybody recognizes him they need to tell us, so we can catch him. People need to be careful with their motorbikes, to make sure they’re secure.”

Fortunately, the man behind these heinous acts has been arrested, so motorcycle seats across Thailand can rest easy. This was his third time putting sexual moves on seats this year.

This isn’t the first time someone tried to make love to a machine. Last year, a man from China decided to drop his pants and make love to a drainpipe outside of a stranger’s home. Much like this situation, footage from the incident was filmed and released online.

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